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Your marketing team ‎on demand

Ocupe offers high-caliber teams to work on Performance, Creative, Media Buying & Planning services for agencies, startups and you.

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Trusted by World-class brands

Turning marketing strategy into execution is hard

Leads are uniqualified.
CAC is over the roof.
Digital is behind.
Innovation is frozen.
Team is too small.
Hiring will take too long.


Let us help deliver marketing that drive results

(and remove these and any other barriers for good)
ROAS: 1.8 to 5.6 in 3 months
Construction & Real Estate
Qualified leads: 28% to 75% in 6 weeks
2x more leads in 30 days

A marketing team to call your own

We're not a consultancy. We're your new team, formed by high-performing marketing & growth specialists.

We bring the expertise,
you're in control.

We're ready to execute the directions and priorities you need for your business.

All sizes available

We work with all sizes of contracts, from 2h/day to multiple squads.

We're by your side to find a way to work that works for you.

Aligned and up to date

We integrate seamlessly with your teams and internal stakeholders to make sure everyone is aligned.
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What do you need help with?

Get an A-team to execute all your initiatives
Media Buying & Planning
  • Media Strategy & Operation
  • Competitor & Market Analysis
  • Brand Marketing
  • Programmatic Media Buying
  • Performance Marketing
  • Lead & Demand generation
  • Paid Search
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Retail, eCommerce & Marketplaces
  • Display & Native Ads
  • Influencer Relations
  • Brand & Awareness
  • Sponsored Content
Marketing Execution & Ops
Creative & Content
Marketing Intelligence & Innovation



We execute like no one else. And show results.

We're driven by performance results and iterative improvement
Real commitment for real success
It's part of our team's mission to be truy engaged and committed to our client success and business outcomes.
Not our first rodeo
We work in proven and established processes and best practices.
We always look for a shared win. We commit to reach performance goals through success fees. And we deliver.


74% CPL reduction in 8 months
240% revenue increase. Same budget.
ASA Investments | Safra Group
50% CPL reduction in 30 days
Construction & Real Estate
50% Cost per visit reduction in 6 months
ASA Investments | Safra Group
4.4x conversion rate increase
ASA Investments | Safra Group
78% CPL reduction in 4 months
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Boutique-level. Fair cost.

There's a change on where Marketing work is done. And it works.

No compromise

We deliver Global company / Silicon Valley-level work from our HQ in Brazil.

And yes, you can get a large team for the price of a single IC in NY or SF.

You're in good hands

We work with FTE high-caliber experts, including experts from FAANG and top agencies in the World.

All clear from start

Our services options are clear and structured to make sure you get what's expected. No surprises.
Get started and build a top-level team on a reasonable budget
Book a call

Work with various channels,
from mainstream to state-of-the-art

Use the best analytics technologies and tools in the market

Nearshore, close to ET.
And Nearculture. We get it.

It's time for Nearshore to become part of your company structure.

1h away from ET

Some things work best with calls. We have a team ready to work at your timezone, from CET, to ET and PT, the way it fits for you.

English-speaking remote experts

Our teams is formed by experienced global work remote professionals. English is not a barrier.

Copywriting is also tailored with the right local voice & tone for each project region & language.

Agencies, startups, scaleups, SMBs & enterprises

Our Brazilian HQ team has worked extensively with companies from US, Canada, EU and Latam, for various industries.
Get the help that understands your industry
For Startups & Scaleups
Full teams are expensive. Go fractional, start small and complete your team with the right specialists as you need, in an agile way.

Improve acquisition, activation and conversion metrics to ensure your company is ready for the next round.

Skip the hiring cycle and ensure marketing and growth stay unblocked.
For eCommerce
Reach a healthy CAC for your business needs and improve performance overall.

Increase your store conversion and revenue, organize your customer journey via CRM and get individualized and category performance results personalized in a dashboard.
For Enterprise
Seamlessly expand your department without the hiring cycle time or the headcount approval limitations.

Reduce the cost for each initiative and make sure they all start this quarter, not someday.
Open Innovation
Our team is always up to date with state of the art solutions for marketing. Discover through open innovation how new softwares, tools, AI and strategies can be a catalyst for new ways of generating results for your projects and initiatives.
Discover your new secret sauce
Grow your revenue, not your headcount
Building a successful agency doesn't mean you need to do it all in-house.

Don't let it become a barrier to opportunities and winning more clients. Get the help you need to stay focused on your growth trajectory.
Deliver full-service and keep client-focus
Stay client-focused and ensure they are getting all the results they need. Deliver a holistic approach that covers all types of services to ensure client retention.

Get the right specialist and never lose a contract for not being able to deliver all scope.
Fast, flexible & scalable
Skip the long hiring cycle time and get the top-level team you need, including design, performance, SEO and more, with specific hours defined for each area per month.

Increase your turnaround time. We can absorb your work so you scale your agency.
No media comission
We don't work with comissions over media, only squads per hour + success-based fee.

We've worked with many partners which a complementary agency pricing model has been a benefit for both.
Innovate and get results to a new level
Bring open innovation to your agency and discover how new software, technologies and AI can unblock initiatives, special projects and processes.
For Brand & Design Agencies
Work with Awarness and branding initiatives with advanced targeting for a complete brand execution.

Get a solid A-team behind you that knows how to plan and execute targerted strategies that drive brands to the next level.
For Small and Large Agencies
We have extensive experience working with small and global agencies for all kinds of clients.

Our teams have developed structured processes & communication methodologies that support a partnership model that works.

We make sure that your clients get the same quality level we deliver to our own.

Start with one of our plans.
Or customize your own.

Our plans start at US$5,000 and can be personalized for each client

Plan A

For clients who are just starting their operation, and need a core presence on social media, insights into what works and what doesn't in the digital realm, and who have a campaign budget around $6,000.
Team composition
Team member
Planning Supervisor
Senior Art Director
Senior Copywriter
Growth Supervisor
Growth Analyst
Data Analyst
Total team hours
Team Allocation
20h / month
80h / month
40h / month
20h / month
40h / month
20h / month
220h / month

Plan B

For a client looking to scale and monitor the market they are in on a monthly basis, maintain active communication on social media and CRM, and has a campaign budget around $15,000.
Team composition
Team member
Planning Supervisor
Senior Creative Director
Senior Art Director
Senior Copywriter
Growth Supervisor
Growth Analyst
Data Analyst
Total team hours
Team Allocation
40h / month
20h / month
160h / month
80h / month
20h / month
80h / month
20h / month
420h / month

Build your own

Starts at
We know each industry, client and moment is unique. Some marketing strategies require more SEO and copywriters while others will make us to double-down on paid media and programmatic tactics.

Personalize your own team with the right skillset that will unlock your initiatives, starting at US$5,000.

Here's what you will get

Ocupe has built a service based on what clients really need to grow
Customized team, hour-based
We believe each company can have a unique flexible team.

Be it Art Directors, Designers, SEO Specialists, Performance Marketers or a Marketing Manager, your plans are set per specialist type hour so you get the people you need in the right quantity you need.
Open Innovation
To get speed and results above average marketing needs to go beyond same old tactics and innovate.

Ocupe invests heavily on new software, channels, strategies and knowledge like AI to go beyond traditional marketing.
Customer and Project Success
We work with tools like Slack and Monday to ensure project status is always clear, communication is always transparent and reports are regularly shared.

You have full visibility of the status of any initiative, anytime.

We're in for the long haul

Adjust your team according to your needs
Your team can start small and scale up into multiple squads.
Adapt as you go
Change the total hours of each specialist according to the changing needs.
Get extra help
We know how unexpected needs might show up. Our structure allows for expedited urgent support.

Take the first steps

Schedule a call,
Meet us, get to know more about Ocupe and tell us more about your scenario, goals and needs.
Get a quote,
Get a proposal with a team recommendation taylored to your needs
...and start.
We start in 7 days after approval
We're excited to meet you


Costs: How do you charge?
Results: Can you predict future performance and ROI? How long will it take until I get results? How much budget should I allocate?
Prioritization: How do I work with my new team? How do I have visibility of the work being done?
Contract: How long is the contract? Can I cancel anytime?
Flexibility: Can I change the contract size after we start? What happens if I need other kind of marketing service I wasn't expecting?
Team: What specialists are included? What is the team size?
Starting date: How long does it take for my team to start?
First steps: How do I start? What do you need from me?
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